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IT Services

We provide IT solutions that meet your unique business and budget needs.

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IT Consulting

Need helping figuring out complicated problems with your business technology? You've come to the right place!

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Cloud Hosting

Whether you need a public, private, hybrid, or managed cloud we can take care of you.

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Microsoft Partner

2015 US SMB Champions Club Northwest Area Partner of the Year

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  • Jerod is a gifted engineer with a real passion for technology. He stays on top of his game by constantly researching new solutions, expanding his knowledge and accepting new challenges to broaden his experience. When you combine this passion with a deep understanding of long term business strategies, you get what our industry is in desperate need of: unique, flexible and cost effective solutions for all businesses regardless of their size and industry who need to optimize their mobility, productivity and security.

    Audrey Olsen
    Director of IT
    Oscaro Inc.

  • Jerod has provided IT support for our company for over 7 years. Because he provided such top-notch service, and was always 110% responsive, when he left the original company he was working for and started his own firm, we followed. I highly recommend InfinIT.

    Conrad Snover
    Denali Group

  • Jerod and his crew are very reliable, thorough, and listen to and meet requirements. He is very idea-oriented and presents numerous options for consideration prior to moving forward with a project or idea. It was a pleasure to work with him.

    Michael Esposito
    Operations Professional

  • Having worked with Jerod on a technical implementation, I found him to both understand complex technical issues as well as the business implications of those issues. Jerod is able to identify alternatives that are both technically optimal as well as functionally appropriate. Jerod is a strong team leader and coordinates the activities of many individuals and organizations well. I highly recommend Jerod and I look forward to working with him again.

    Randy Von Feldt
    Client Service Partner
    Slalom Consulting

  • I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jerod and his team at Infinit Consulting on multiple occasions and in a variety of capacities as both a client, partner and service provider over the past 6+ years. Simply put, what makes Jerod and Infinit so good at what they do is the fact that the owners of the firm are also some of the smartest engineers on the planet. To this end, engineering the RIGHT solution for every client, and asking the right questions up front to prevent issues down the road, is core to their business philosophy and success. They have been an incredible partner to work with and I without hesitation continue to recommend Jerod and his team to my clients.

    Sean Patrick Tario
    Enterprise Data Center, Colocation, Hosting, Cloud, Network and IT Services Procurement Expert

  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jerod for many years now. His dedication and work ethic are among the best of anyone I’ve ever worked with. He has consistently gone above and beyond in making sure his customers have the highest level of service possible. I’d also highly recommend anyone thinking about working for him directly as well. He has and continues to be a strong mentor to me for honesty and integrity in business.

    Dave Puhlman
    Strategic Accounts
    CenturyLink Business

  • Jerod is a GREAT example of the performance we should expect from the CEO of a current day technology company. Obviously, knowledgeable, decisive, and upright in his dealings with others. He is always focused on making a contribution to the success of his clients and his collaborators. It was and is a personal pleasure to work with him and I look forward to that opportunity again.

    Joe Treanor
    RoseBud Technologies

  • My team supported our customer base of high level network experts, while Jerod’s team supported our heavy IT requirements. From setup to extended hours of support, Jerod’s team was exceptional. With 30 years of IT work behind me, I had high expectations of Jerod’s team. They met or exceeded my expectations in a competent and friendly manner. It is my pleasure to highly recommend them and I’d bring them in again on any project I am working on.

    Roger Spangler
    Customer Support Manager
    RedSeal Networks

  • Several years ago, when TriNet was in need of some very technical and in-depth consulting for a multi-functional enterprise project. Jerod, and his team, were brought in to help our organization succeed in this daunting project. Jerod and his company were invaluable in our endeavors and helped forge a very beneficial b2b relationship between InfinIT and TriNet. Jerod is an outstanding executive and delivers tremendous value while driving excellent results. I would strongly recommend Jerod and InfinIT to any company in any industry.

    Sean Sullivan
    Manager, IT Operations

  • I have worked with InfinIT Consulting since their inception in 2006. Over the years I have engaged them in projects ranging from evaluating, sourcing, and implementing applications, to ERP systems, global IT infrastructure architecture, compliance requirements and onsite training. These engagements have been with both publicly traded and privately held companies. In all cases the team has gone above and beyond to ensure completion of projects in a timely manner, within or under budget. InfinIT is very client-oriented, bringing value as an industry expert and to your bottom line. You can be assured that any and all recommendations are for the long term benefit of your company.  To my current and prior companies the InfinIT team has been more than just a consulting firm, they have been an intricate part of our IT infrastructure. Currently, InfinIT is the main support for our servers, email exchange, and special projects. They are also the key contributors in upgrading our antiquated IT environment to a more robust, efficient infrastructure that will scale to support our anticipated growth.  I highly recommend InfinIT’s services.

    Dawn Casterson
    Chief Financial Officer
    NPI Solutions, Inc.

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