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INFINIT Consulting Named 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year0

San Jose, Calif. — JULY 19, 2016 — INFINIT Consulting, a leading provider of digital transformation services, today announced it has been named 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year by Microsoft’s US Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Champions Club. The award recognizes the US SMB Champions Club partner who has demonstrated significant Microsoft SMB sales and year-over-year SMB revenue growth with West Area SMB customers.  Members of the US SMB Champions Club have shown dedication to arming the small business community with the right technology and services they need to be successful.

INFINIT Consulting is a leading Cloud Solution Provider, delivering unrivaled cloud advisory and technology services and solutions to businesses around the world. INFINIT’s commitment is to enable our customers to be profitable through the strategic use of Microsoft technology as the backbone to our solutions.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Microsoft as the US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year,” said Jerod Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting. “The Microsoft ecosystem enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that meets their business objectives. As a team, we are humbled that Microsoft has recognized our efforts in the SMB space.”

INFINIT Consulting along with winners in six other categories were recognized during the Microsoft SMB Champions Award Reception in Toronto, Canada on July 11, 2016.

“Over the past year, our partners have helped to accelerate and deliver Microsoft’s mobile first, cloud first approach to small businesses across the U.S.,” said Cindy Bates, vice president of Microsoft US SMB and Distribution. “We value the continued commitment INFINIT Consulting has demonstrated to delivering products and solutions that increase productivity and help small businesses do more with less time. We congratulate them on this well-deserved award.”

The Microsoft Partner Network is designed to equip organizations that deliver products and services through the Microsoft platform with the training, resources and support they need to provide their customers superior experience and outcomes.  Microsoft’s US SMB Champions Club is an exclusive program designed for partners who have a proven track record of delivering Microsoft solutions to businesses in the U.S. small and medium business (SMB) segment and have committed to advancing their cloud business practice. As a member of the SMB Champions Club, partners can further their Cloud growth by utilizing the benefits obtained through their program status.

About INFINIT Consulting

INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation company built to cloud enable your business. Our Disruptive IT™, solutions-as-a-service, focuses on data automation, communications and collaboration, security, compliance, support, and strategic technology guidance. Founded 9 years ago in the heart of the Silicon Valley from a unique ideology shared by six IT engineers and business experts, we set out to empower business to embrace the potential of IT. This ideology has resulted in hundreds of companies finding technology solutions to business problems and paved the way for INFINIT to be recognized as an IT and Cloud services industry leader.


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Office 365 – Giving Wings to Your Business in the Cloud0

Office 365 is a service that includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, which currently is Office 2016. It has all the applications you are familiar with, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, in addition to the extra online storage, constant tech support with no extra costs, and a lot more!

Office 365 boosts your business efficiency with reliable access to services like email, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office Online, no matter where you are.

Experience Powerful Features of Office 365

  • Simultaneous co-authoring: Office 365 allows you to work on the same document with your colleagues that are saved on SharePoint or OneDrive without overwriting each other’s updates.
  • Two Microsoft cloud storage accounts on your Android phone: You can use both your corporate Microsoft cloud storage and your personal Microsoft cloud storage with a single app.
  • Support for Office Groups 365 in Outlook: Support for Office Groups is a new cool tool that eliminates messy email lists or groups. You can create a group of new colleagues with each group having their shared inbox, files, calendar, and integrated OneNote notes.
  • One-click Forecasting: This feature of single-click forecasting from the available data is something that Excel ninjas will truly appreciate. It makes the complex projections and derivations quite easier to get.
  • Skype integration: It lets users jump into Skype call while proceeding with the work at hand.

What’s New in Office 365? Lots more for Enterprises!

Microsoft has reached new milestones while introducing Office 365 Security Management and cumulative updates to the new version. Lately, Microsoft has announced updates for Office 365 which will make the customer experience better across the Office apps on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. Office Planner, improvements to Office inking on Sway, Android and Outlook, and a preview of GigaJam are important among these updates.

New features Updated in Office 365

Office 365 subscribers can now create longer and more robust Sways with greater amounts of videos, tweets and other content. The content limits have been increased allowing you to create longer-larger forms with more multimedia. All the Office 365 subscribers will now be able to set passwords for their Sways, thus adding an extra layer of privacy. This guarantees that only people with a Sway password can view your work presentations, travel journals or other reports.

Also, Now New-looking Outlook Experiences

Streamlined travel and package delivery packages have been added to the Outlook for Mac and will be made available soon on Windows, iOS, and Android. This feature will help to add events from your mail automatically. This is also going to help you to check in for your flights and hotel reservations.

Get Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Advanced Security Management for Office 365 is a new set of competences powered by Microsoft Cloud App Security. This feature will help you take control over your Office 365 environment. You will be able to monitor security events and identify strange practices with threat detection. Simplify your cloud experience with Azure and Office 365. With better understanding and right cloud services, you have the chance to make your business more agile and a superior controlled economic model, while providing your customers with the best services.

Save a Bundle with the Cloud

Over a 5 year span, most companies will save tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, maintenance, and staff costs. Read about how one of our clients saved $50k migrating to Office 365 with INFINIT.

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WPC 2016 Award

We did it again! Microsoft 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year0

INFINIT Consulting is thrilled to announce that we have been named Microsoft’s 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year! The award was given at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference taking place in Toronto, Canada.

INFINIT, a digital transformation company built to cloud-enable your business, has been selected from more than 2,500 nominations based on our commitment to customers, solution development, and innovative use of Microsoft technologies.

This is our fifth award in recent years, including:

  • Microsoft SMB Champions Club Northwest Area Partner of the Year 2015
  • Microsoft SMB Champions Club Northwest Cloud Partner of the Year 2014
  • Microsoft SMB Champions Club Northwest Area Partner of the Year 2013
  • Microsoft West Region Commercial Cloud Partner of the Year 2011

We are proud that our dedication and commitment to serving our customers in a continually changing technology landscape has been recognized by Microsoft.

It is our commitment to be the digital transformation engine that enables our customers to transform their business through the use of technology. We are honored to do this alongside Microsoft.

Click to read the full Press Release.

cloud network on abstract icon and computer room

INFINIT Consulting Offers its Patrons Invaluable Insights into Microsoft’s Project “Madeira”0

Microsoft continues to evolve, making its enterprise-level offerings like Outlook even more feasible for smaller businesses. Microsoft’s latest cloud offering, built within the Office 365 ecosystem has been named Madeira. It is essentially a host of service-oriented apps within Outlook, aimed at improving business productivity, ensuring Microsoft email users don’t need to exit cloud-hosted, Microsoft email platform.

How is Madeira positioned?

Madeira is definitely a budgeted option that delivers a host of options to business owners, embedded within Office 365. It makes a lot of sense for SMEs and start-ups who don’t have the financial bandwidth to adopt full-scale, Microsoft enterprise applications. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Project “Madeira” is basically a codename for a budgeted business solution from Microsoft, designed to allow business owners get access to the core of Office 365 productivity tools.

Did you know?

Madeira was actually supposed to be the codename for the newer version of Dynamics NAV that has been a highly crucial component of Azure and Office 365

Once operational, Madeira will allow smaller-sized businesses to avail the service across all the mainstream operating system platforms such as Android, Windows, or iOS. First impressions suggest that Madeira is a very practical approach that allows businesses to make their Office 365 subscription even more productive. From creating invoices to sending automated e-mailers or issuing invoices to exporting data in CSV format, Madeira seems rather smart and immediately usable. Madeira is basically a public cloud service initiative, a SaaS offering, running on Microsoft Azure. For small business set-ups, it provides an easy way to streamline their operations and sales channels.

The SME Perspective on Madeira

Microsoft has projected “Madeira” as a holistic business management solution for companies with strength of 10 to 100 employees.

Smaller firms usually don’t have the funds to make long-term, substantial investments in tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Project “Madeira” has been designed to address such issues by acting as a comprehensive business management solution hosted in the cloud. It should work without sacrificing usability as well as the set-up times.

Why Madeira should Benefit
Small/Medium-sized Businesses:

  • Leverage of a familiar, existing ecosystem: Users would not have to leave Outlook as Madeira will automatically identify the business context and quote requests, empowering users with tools that will drive faster-to-market practices
  • Mobility-related business benefits: Mobile workforce should benefit from the business-ready version of Madeira. It is designed to perform consistently across various devices and mobile platforms. Users will be able to manage the service using apps designed for Android devices, Windows, and iOS or even a Web browser. The Madeira experience is supposed to be consistent across an array of devices – tablet, desktops, and phones.
  • Cloud-fueled advantages: This multi-tenant public cloud service will run on Microsoft Azure. SMBs get the assurance of their data being secured in enterprise-class data centers which used to not be possible due to cost constraints.

Scaled down but Madeira is a Performer!

Yes, the concept makes sense. The capabilities of Madeira span across finances to getting crucial business insights. Many experts believe Project Madeira is essentially a scaled-down version to make Outlook more appealing, helping Microsoft penetrate deeper into the small business digital solutions space. We believe Microsoft is reinventing, reimagining to ensure its portfolio of enterprise-ready solutions is consumable for every type of business using a digital platform. We are using the term ‘reinvented’ for Project Madeira as it comes with a bundle of new functionalities. From augmented productivity to acting as a mobile first and cloud first platform, this project from Microsoft is driven to help businesses manage better and grow.

More about Madeira’s Range of Solutions

Project “Madeira” allows you to visualize your data as it can create interactive reports using Power BI on operational data. This translates into invaluable assistance for driving your business forward, effortlessly keeping a tab on emerging trends. Moreover, the independent software vendors that function within the Microsoft ecosystem are ready to offer both horizontal add-on functionalities as well vertical solutions that will become available in the market immediately after the launch of the project.

Is Madeira within reach for businesses at this moment?

Madeira is most likely to become available for use in the US in 2016. Microsoft plans to extend it to other countries after fine-tuning the user experience based on feedback from its US pool of SMEs

Right now, Madeira has been opened to public preview:

You simply need to sign-up and get valuable insights about how it can help businesses that want more of the mainstream, full-sized enterprise solutions Microsoft offers without spending too much. The launch is heavily anticipated. We will be tracking the progress of Madeira, and update you as soon as it is ready for deployment.

What to expect from the first phase of Madeira?

Initially, Madeira will offer CRM, sales and purchase management, business insight, multi-currency and inventory solutions while extensions/upgrades for Madeira will be created by 3rd party developers, most probably priced enticingly in the apps marketplace. It is important to remember companies that adopted NAV 2015 and 2016 are already able to connect their existing ERP solutions to Office 365 or Azure Active Directory. Madeira takes this feature one step ahead. With hosting handled by Microsoft, the onboarding process will become more uncomplicated. Running on Outlook, Madeira should provide an industrious interface for managers and workplace teams.

How Can INFINIT Help in Your “Madeira” Endeavor?

INFINIT Consulting has been awarded the Northwest Area Partner of the Year by Microsoft’s US Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Champions Club

Just like many Microsoft offerings for smaller, medium-sized and bigger enterprises, Madeira will present a learning curve, a utility assessment challenge, and an ROI reality check.

  • We have comprehensive experience in assisting small businesses to adopt Microsoft solutions in their entirety.
  • Our team has already acquainted itself with this latest offering from Microsoft to help you ease into Madeira, i.e. as soon as it is available in the market.
  • We have the expertise to deploy Madeira for extracting the maximum business outcomes, from controlling leads to maintaining complete visibility throughout the payment process, or creating new opportunities for your business using Madeira.

We would recommend signing up for the preview so that you can get a glimpse into what is in store for your business in Project “Madeira”.

Also, connecting the moving parts of your supply chain, controlling costs, and managing inventory becomes simpler with this solution. Our team will provide hands-on assistance during the trial period and when subscribing to Madeira as a business solution.

INFINIT Consulting Honored at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 20160



Master Cloud Services Provider Recognizes Cloud Solution Provider for Industry Leadership and Cloud Services Success

Phoenix, Arizona – APRIL 12, 2016. INFINIT Consulting today announced it has received the honor of the Cloud Marketplace Award from Ingram Micro Inc. The award was presented to INFINIT during the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2016, which took place earlier this month at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ingram Micro recognized INFINIT as part of an elite group of high-performance IT solution and managed service providers (MSPs) that stood out this year across Ingram Micro’s North America partner base for their commitment, advocacy, leadership, and sales success within the cloud services landscape.

“The increasing demand for cloud services has businesses on the brink of a major IT transformation, and as a result, channel partners have become a valuable resource for the customers they serve,” said Jason Bystrak, Executive Director, North America, Ingram Micro Cloud. “We applaud INFINIT’s commitment to driving new cloud capabilities by leveraging our Cloud Marketplace and offering the value-added solutions that fuel profitability and success. For that, we recognize them as a Cloud Marketplace Award winner.”

Ingram Micro Cloud ( is a master cloud service provider (mCSP), offering channel partners and professionals access to a global marketplace, expertise, solutions, and enablement programs that empower organizations to configure, provision, and manage cloud technologies with confidence and ease.

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit is the largest cloud-focused event for the global IT channel, bringing together more than a 1,000 of the industry’s top solution providers, cloud services providers, cloud vendors, telcos, hosters, and other cloud innovators and thought leaders.

“INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation company, built to enable businesses to harness the best cloud services to meet their business and operational goals,” said Jerod Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting. “Ingram Micro Cloud provided us the resources to have a competitive advantage by enabling us with a customer-facing storefront. Our ability to scale and quickly deliver new services has been imperative to our continued growth as a Cloud Solution Provider.”

About INFINIT Consulting

INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation™ company built to cloud-enable your business. Our Disruptive IT™, solutions-as-a-service, focuses on data automation, communications and collaboration, security, compliance, support, and strategic technology guidance. Founded a decade ago in the heart of the Silicon Valley from a unique ideology shared by six IT engineers and business experts, we set out to empower business to embrace the potential of IT. This ideology has resulted in hundreds of companies finding technology solutions to business problems and paved the way for INFINIT to be recognized as an IT and Cloud services industry leader.

For more information, please visit us at, call us at 408.361.8888 or email


Press contact:
Marie Rourke
Ingram Micro Inc.

Monica Froese
Director of Global Marketing

INFINIT Consulting Joins Asigra Global Partner Ecosystem0


      Asigra               ic_horiz-color-forwhitebg 

INFINIT Consulting Joins Asigra Global Partner Ecosystem

Cloud Solution Provider INFINIT Consulting selects Asigra Cloud Backup to complete its holistic package of cloud services to its SMB, enterprise and channel partner customers

TORONTO– April 12, 2016Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, today announced that INFINIT Consulting, a leading provider of digital transformation services in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Calif., Seattle, Wash., and Salt Lake City, Utah has joined the Asigra Global Partner Ecosystem. As an Asigra partner, INFINIT Consulting expands its current cloud solutions to include a new branded cloud backup service powered by Asigra, delivering a holistic package of cloud offerings to its small, mid-market, enterprise and U.S. channel partner customers. INFINIT Consulting also offers managed service providers and value-added resellers a wholesale model to deliver INFINIT Consulting’s cloud backup service, powered by Asigra, to their customers.

Click to Tweet: .@INFINIT_C joins @Asigra partner ecosystem to expand #CloudBackup offerings, benefiting SMBs, #enterprises & #MSPs:

INFINIT Consulting’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra delivers:

  • NIST FIPS 140-2 Certification and AES 256 encryption in flight and at rest – to meet the most stringent regulatory compliance mandates and security requirements
  • Dynamic autonomic healing and validation restore for reliability and data recovery assurance
  • A single consolidated repository that simplifies backup and recovery of data that is currently backed up in silos scattered across organizations
  • Continuous data protection to eliminate business disruption
  • Cloud to cloud backup and recovery enabling organizations to reclaim control of critical corporate information residing outside of their data centers in SaaS applications and IaaS platforms

“INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation company, built to enable businesses to harness the best cloud services to meet their business and operational goals,” said Jerod Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting. “The Asigra solution enables us to offer our customers and partners a comprehensive secure cloud backup service that can protect data in the data center and beyond including data born in the cloud such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. Our strategic partnership with Asigra rounds out our cloud backup managed services and channel partner offerings, and we are thrilled to be selected as a partner of choice.”

“We are delighted to welcome INFINIT Consulting to our Asigra Global Partner Ecosystem. Their approach is centered on empowering businesses to embrace IT, and the cloud in particular, and serves them well to provide strategic IT diagnoses of customers’ business needs,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president, Asigra. “By adding Asigra Cloud Backup to their portfolio of offerings, INFINIT will be in the best position to offer the most advanced cloud backup service possible to its channel partner customers and their customers, and to propel its own business forward.”

In addition to serving as a cloud solution provider, INFINIT Consulting enables new and established partners to sell complete cloud solutions through its partner programs. INFINIT chose to partner with Asigra to expand its line of services to its SMB and enterprise customers and partners, and sought to align with the trusted provider of cloud backup software. As such, Asigra bolsters INFINIT’s reputation of value to its customers. With thousands of seats in Microsoft Office 365, INFINIT can now offer its customers and partners a reliable cloud backup service to protect their data born and stored in the cloud.

To learn more about Asigra, visit: or follow Asigra on Twitter at:   For more information about the INFINIT cloud backup service, visit: or email:

About Asigra

Trusted since 1986, Asigra provides organizations around the world the ability to recover their data now from anywhere through a global network of partners who deliver cloud backup and recovery services as public, private and/or hybrid deployments. As the industry’s first enterprise-class agentless cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases and applications, SaaS and IaaS based applications, Asigra lowers the total cost of ownership, reduces recovery time objectives, eliminates silos of backup data by providing a single consolidated repository, and provides 100% recovery assurance. Asigra’s revolutionary patent-pending Recovery License Model provides organizations with a cost effective data recovery business model unlike any other offered in the storage market. Asigra has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor and has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software since 2010. More information on Asigra can be found at

About INFINIT Consulting

INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation company built to cloud enable your business. Our Disruptive ITä, solutions-as-a-service, focuses on data automation, communications and collaboration, security, compliance, support, and strategic technology guidance. Founded 9 years ago in the heart of the Silicon Valley from a unique ideology shared by six IT engineers and business experts, we set out to empower business to embrace the potential of IT. This ideology has resulted in hundreds of companies finding technology solutions to business problems and paved the way for INFINIT to be recognized as an IT and Cloud services industry leader. For more information, please visit us at, call us at 408.361.8888 or email


Asigra and the Asigra logo are trademarks of Asigra Inc. All other brand and product names are, or may be, trademarks of their respective owners.


McClenahan Bruer
(503) 546-1000

Monica Froese
(408) 361-8888


INFINIT Consulting Named One of 2016 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN®0

INFINIT Consulting Named One of 2016 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN

Tech Elite 250 list recognizes IT solution providers with deep technical expertise and premier certifications

San Jose, Calif., March 29, 2016 – INFINIT Consulting announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named INFINIT Consulting to its 2016 Tech Elite 250 list. This annual list honors an exclusive group of North American IT solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology vendors.

To compile the annual list, The Channel Company’s research group and CRN editors work together to identify the most customer-beneficial technical certifications in the North American IT channel. Companies who have obtained these elite designations— which enable solution providers to deliver premium products, services and customer support—are then selected from a pool of online applicants.

INFINIT has a dedicated team of engineers that prioritize advancing their skills through training on an ongoing basis. From numerous Microsoft trainings for Azure to Skype for Business, INFINIT is committed to ensuring that we are always advancing our skills as a company. INFINIT has earned and maintained numerous Microsoft Gold certifications and continues to seek out trainings and certifications for other key manufacturers such as IBM’s Watson analytics.

“The solution providers selected for our annual Tech Elite 250 list have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and gained strong industry credibility by earning some of the most difficult IT certifications available from top technology vendors,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “Attainment of these exclusive certifications strengthens the channel as a whole by invigorating partnerships and enabling the delivery of exceptional customer service. We congratulate each of these organizations and look forward to their continued success.”

“INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation company, built to cloud-enable your business and put you on the path to operating more efficiently,” says Jerod Powell, CEO, INFINIT Consulting. “Our commitment to training is unrivaled in the industry, it is the lifeblood of our company. I am grateful for the dedication of our engineering and technical teams that continually seek out new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the technology curve and promote an active learning company culture.”

Coverage of the Tech Elite 250 will be featured in the April issue of CRN, and online at

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@TheChannelCo names @INFINIT_C to @CRN 2016 Tech Elite 250 list #CRNTechElite250

About INFINIT Consulting

INFINIT Consulting is a digital transformation™ company built to cloud-enable your business. Our Disruptive IT™, solutions-as-a-service, focuses on data automation, communications and collaboration, security, compliance, support, and strategic technology guidance. Founded a decade ago in the heart of the Silicon Valley from a unique ideology shared by six IT engineers and business experts, we set out to empower business to embrace the potential of IT. This ideology has resulted in hundreds of companies finding technology solutions to business problems and paved the way for INFINIT to be recognized as an IT and Cloud services industry leader. 

About the Channel Company

The Channel Company enables breakthrough IT channel performance with our dominant media, engaging events, expert consulting and education, and innovative marketing services and platforms. As the channel catalyst, we connect and empower technology suppliers, solution providers and end users. Backed by more than 30 years of unequaled channel experience, we draw from our deep knowledge to envision innovative new solutions for ever-evolving challenges in the technology marketplace.

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The Real Insight on 2016 Business Intelligence Trends Part 20

00_Gustavo Frazao_shutterstock_300507611.jpg

In the first part of this discussion, we covered some emerging and prevalent Business Intelligence trends that will help enterprises gather, warehouse, govern, analyze and secure ever-increasing data volumes. As more data converges from more connected devices within and beyond the workplace, IT teams will need more from their BI tools. The discussion below substantiates how this data-fueled marketplace will collate relevant data from many undefined and disparate resources too, helping businesses create a better managed, unified IT platform. We are talking about real-time data that does not need to cool its heels, waiting for an analyst. This self-servicing data model is at the core of emerging BI trends explained here…

  1. BI to be a potent tool in the hands of your SALES team

Right from identifying gaps in sales approach to providing a wealth of information about prospective consumer dynamic, BI is fast becoming a potent tool in the arsenal of sales teams. The emerging BI model can make marketing initiatives more profitable, outreach campaigns more structured and brand communication more productive. Organizations are looking for Business Intelligence Solutions flexible enough to match the existing sales structure while allowing scope for faster scalability for quicker development-to-market models. BI tools ensure that end users are not overwhelmed by silos of information. Instead, they get readily usable, only relevant analyzed data. Whether a brand is aiming for gaining regional or global presence, is in the seed funding state, or is targeting a very specific consumer or regional domain; marketers will increasingly depend on BI-filtered data. An effective sales-based BI system also empowers the marketers to get closer to their existing customers by identifying opportunities that have been missed due to data processing latencies. This means filling the sales pipeline with more convertible leads—a direct incentive to raise your bottom line.

Understanding this with an example: One of our Cloud Computing clients deals in food products and recently introduced a chocolate syrup that is used to layer ice-creams. However, there were certain retail outlets in their targeted area that were not buying the syrup. Our client wanted a precise ‘Gap Analysis’ for identifying why their product did not make sense for these outlets. Based upon analyzed data, their marketing team created a direct mail campaign. A hyper-selective digital campaign was launched to create more points of engagement for this challenging pool of retailers. Our client did not depend upon conventional spreadsheets or documents to create and communicate their research data. Instead, the BI system helped them collate relevant causes for non-sales in real-time, better communication with the retail owners to ensure that the overall perception about their product was corrected. This BI-enabled approach created an unexpected realization—shop owners who were once apprehensive realized that our client can adapt rather quickly to address a market challenge. The word spread across their business partner network and our client got an opportunity to ship its inventory beyond the targeted regions—a huge sales achievement that was not planned!

business-intelligence-for-small-businesses18. Mobile Analytics attains Individuality as Tech Giants Fuel the BI War

Mobile analytics is no longer considered to be one of the many applications of BI—it has attained an individual presence. We are witnessing an increasing predominance of products that warrant a smooth, mobile-first experience. This trend indicates that working with mobile-enabled data has become a dynamic part of analytics. Tech giants, from Microsoft to Amazon and IBM, are trying to include this as a part of their “unique” offerings. For industry experts, 2016 will witness Mobility Data Analysis to emerge as a core BI offering and not as an add-on service. Amazon has introduced QuickSight while IBM came up with Watson Analytics Service. Similarly, SAP and Oracle are planning to generate more traction in the BI marketplace with revamped offerings that offer mobility solutions as a specialty. Expect a big update from Google for its BI platform BigQuery while speculations are rife that even Apple might enter the fray!

9. CDOs to be Challenged

This year we will see as many CDOs hired as fired. A lot of hype was created around this position when it first came into existence in 2014 & 2015 and the organizations got ‘somebody’ to be held responsible for everything related to data. The ultimate objective of a CDO is democratization of data – holding responsibility for and getting the most relevant insight derived from business data. This is where BI surfaces as an effective tool. But merely employing a BI vendor does not guarantee results. 2016 might witness increasing pressure on Chief Digital Officers with an emphasis on justifying their presence and why BI investments are not yielding expected results. The role of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and CDOs might collide and overlap—we need to wait and watch how these hierarchies challenge and redefine themselves.

10. Scalability might become the biggest Parameter for Evaluating BI Platforms

Let us start with System Scalability—you need to make your IT setup scalable enough to support changing user count, incorporating or eliminating different resources and collating increasing volumes of data generated from more data resources. A scalable system upgrades without significant downtimes and delivers without crashing. At the other end of scalability spectrum is Adoption Scalability, which implies the ease with which a system can engage end users and make help them adopt it without any discrepancy. Cloud-based analytics has played a major role in changing the cost-return curve of scalability. A preferred part of contemporary BI models, it renders the necessary amount of computing power to an organization that can be later utilized without a significant investment. Both types of scalability capacities will eventually converge on a single platform, becoming the biggest parameter to evaluate a BI offering. However, this degree of scalability is not easy to achieve—it might become the next major challenge in the BI ecosystem as Big Data blooms and IoT gains momentum in 2016. Obviously, Analytical Scalability is an integral part of this equation. The most common problems encountered when dealing with analytic scalability is representing data in the most useful manner. This is why Visual Analytics is fast gaining prominence as it enables faster spotting of patterns. It expedites analytics, helping businesses forecast emerging challenges and opportunities.

Concluding Thoughts…

The past few months have witnessed a flux in the Business Intelligence landscape with Cloud Services, Data Science, Big Data and Predictive Analytics constantly challenging decision-makers. For making data more usable towards quantifiable outcomes, we suggest cloud-enabled analytics in combination with more versatile technologies. A major shift towards self-service analytics data is underway and this trend too should prevail in 2016. Expect a multi-layer shift from IT-led analytics to a faster, more agile and easy-to-use BI&A platform capable of creating serious business values. As businesses realize the worth of insights derived from diverse data sources, more SMBs and mid-sized corporations too will adopt BI tools, no longer relying on unending rolls of spreadsheets. Also, we are anticipating analytics on Hadoop to become a reality.

The Real Insight on 2016 Business Intelligence Trends – Part 10

2014125497fe1f72c6eAccording to Gartner, revenue in the Business Intelligence & Analytics market will grow 5.2 per cent this year, reaching $16.9 billion (£11.6 billion)

This is not just another write-up themed on emerging BI trends. Our approach is more real-time, a result of real interactions with industry leaders, innovators, Big Data influencers and experts with whom we regularly interact, just like our participation at the Channel Partners awards. … Read more →

INFINIT Consulting honored with 2016 Channel Partners 360⁰ Award

INFINIT is a Proud Winner of Channel Partners 360° Business Value Award0

INFINIT is among the handful of IT solutions provider firms that have impressed industry experts and critics with their innovation and excellent customer servicing standards to be awarded with the Channel Partners 360° Award for 2016. Unlike other awards where parameters are focused entirely on generating monetary value, Channel Partners 360° Awards choose to honor solution providers who have managed to create more, sustainable business value along with significantly improved outcomes for their clients across the Telecom, Cloud Computing and IT industry.

The Legacy of Channel Partners 360° Awards is Underway…

At Channel Partners 360°, expect appreciation for innovation, discovering indirect sales channels, new data convergence options, and better technology transition options. These awards were introduced as part of the Channel Partners Circle of Excellence program in 2013 with the sole objective of recognizing and felicitating IT & Telecom Channel Leaders who have been unafraid of transformation, enterprising enough to navigate through evolving technologies and deliver meaningful services to their clients.

The approach matters…

Channel Partners 360° is very selective about accepting contenders for this recognition. For instance, it chooses consultants, MSPs, system integrators, dealers, agents, and VARs that have a proven track record of providing holistic technology solutions. These are among the most valued IT niche awards across North America. The nominations are based on solutions orientation, innovation and customer service rather than just sales, revenue or growth—parameters that seem to overwhelm the jury across similar events in the IT marketplace.

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Expect Transparency & Industry Recognition, Not Hype

Vendor recommendations and certifications along with customer testimonials are taken into consideration when short-listing contestants. The philosophy is simple—any service is valuable only if it manages to create certain amount of business value, resulting in significant cost savings and increased productivity, revenue gains or better consumer outreach and engagement. However, these results should not be temporary or driven by short-term hikes. Consistency and future-preparedness matters too. Participants need to prove their capability by sharing their corporate portfolio, elaborating how they optimized managed services for their clients and continuously evolved to stay at par in this quickly transitioning ecosystem.

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 Digging Deeper into Event Highlights

The humble beginnings of Channel Partners Conference & Expo have moved beyond regional boundaries, making it a truly global event. Now, participants are not restricted to the US but come from China and Australia too. Those who have made their maiden voyage consider a mere nomination at par with true industry recognition. Yes, you should expect all the big names, particularly from North America, including Microsoft, Synnex and Tech Data. In 2015, the event witnessed more than five-dozen first-time exhibitors and hundreds of other applications. The top 50 applicants, including INFINT, received recognition during a dinner ceremony at the Spring 2016 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

Business Value Awards 2016 Exceeded Industry Expectations

Providing a great platform for networking with already established technology solution providers, the event is an excellent way of identity creation in a chosen vertical. IT industry denizens see this event capable of creating tremendous value via productive interactions. From concurrent education to keynote platforms and networking, participants are leveraged with interactions with regional, nationwide and international brands in this segment. Whether you are a seasoned technology brand partner or a startup venture, there is always scope for learning—this event is the perfect platform to gain the spotlight and valuable insight. Expect everything from Cloud, Internet of Things, Unexplored Business Channels, Mobility, and Network Security to Big Data, Hyperconvergence, Enterprise Collaboration, Brand Communication, and Security to be the most talked about topics.

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Reality Check: Benefits of Attending Channel Partners Events

Each year, thousands of VARs, service providers, integrators and MSPs converge to share ideas and issues driving this industry. There can be no better platform for choosing enablement partners, mobile opportunities, new WAN options and IoT in general for agents. Participation positions every nominee and winner as a trustable brand, worthy of IT investments. Interactions with industry experts help to decode pitfalls of virtualizing data without a clearly defined vision and the emerging IoT environment that will consume data across the world. VARs can benefit immensely by exploring ways of increasing recurring revenue streams and avoiding downsides of MRR. Managed Service Providers can discover smarter solutions for data security or more versatile mobility management options.

At INFINIT, the primary focus has always been serving our patrons by creating customized, innovative services rather than imposing standardized service packages that are saturating the managed services marketplace.

INFINIT Consulting is now a Microsoft certified Silver Cloud Platform!

Quickly emerging as one of the most trusted, Microsoft cloud solutions provider, INFINIT Consulting strives to create more ROI from every IT spending, for clients from all industrial verticals. Recognition at this event underlines this approach.

INFINIT Consulting